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Popular Designer Colognes From The Year You Were Born: The ’80s

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Luxury fragrances have never just been for women, and now that we’re all caught up on our decades of popular women’s perfumes, it’s time we showcase some of the most popular designer colognes throughout the decades. We’ll start in the ’80s again and work our way to the 2000s. Remember, if you find several scents that you think you’d like, you can subscribe to receive sample fragrances from Scentlfy every 30 days. Let’s get started!

1980: Macassar by Rochas

Macassar by Rochas is an after-shave lotion that was released in 1980. It’s a popular designer cologne because of its long-lasting scent and above-average sillage. Sillage (pronounced see-yazh) describes the trail that a scent leaves behind. It’s French and translates to “wake,” as in the wake or trail that an airplane or a boat leaves behind it.

1981: Un Homme by Charles Jourdan

Marketed as an aftershave, Un Homme by Charles Jourdan was one of the most popular designer colognes released in 1981. It also has higher than average projection and longevity. No wonder it’s popular — it really lasts.

1982: Rothschild by Frances Rothschild

Rothschild by Frances Rothschild is another great designer cologne that lasts. This after shave lotion was released in 1982 and has incredible longevity with an almost as powerful sillage.

1983: Ébène de Balmain by Balmain/Pierre Balmain

This scent was the highest-rated designer cologne released in 1983. Ébène de Balmain by Balmain or Pierre Balmain is noted for its spicy and leathery scent. This “black” cologne lasts longer than others but does not have as notable of a sillage.

1984: Silver by Aigner/Etienne Aigner

A more popular designer cologne released in 1984, this is characterized by a more animal, green, and earthy scent. Silver by Aigner or Etienne Aigner has both higher than average longevity as well as sillage.

1985: Adidas by Adidas

This one might surprise you, since Adidas is still such a well-known brand, but the company has actually been around since 1949! In 1985 they released their brand name cologne and it’s hands-down the most popular from that year. It’s notable for its higher than average longevity.

1986: V.S.O.P. by Paul Sebastian

In 1986, Paul Sebastian released V.S.O.P. and it’s one of the most popular designer colognes from that year. V.S.O.P. is a more subtle cologne that doesn’t overpower and doesn’t have much of a sillage.

1987: Boss Sport by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss released Boss Sport in 1987 and is one of the most popular designer colognes of the year. The scent is fresh and fougère or fern-like. It has incredible longevity and sillage for a cologne that lasts and leaves an impression.

1988: Colors de Benetton Man by Benetton

In 1988, Benetton released their brand name cologne Colors de Benetton, the most popular men’s fragrance of the year. Like many popular designer colognes, this one is also notable for its higher than average longevity and projection.

1989: Biagiotti Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

It’s the end of an era, but not the end of excellent masculine scents for men to wear. Biagiotti Uomo by Laura Biagiotti was an after shave lotion released in 1989 and is the most popular of the year. Like V.S.O.P. three years before it, this designer cologne is also more subtle and less overpowering than other popular scents during this decade.

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