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The Best Fragrance From The Year You Were Born, 1985-1989

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Welcome back 80’s babies! We’re sure you’ve come here to find the top perfumes from your birth year, but before you keep reading, be sure to check out our last blog to discover the best perfume from the years 1980-1984!

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In our last post, we discussed Ivoire, Kouros, Drakkar Noir, Paris, and the iconic Coco Chanel. Keep reading to learn about five more luxury fragrances that defined the decade.

1985: Poison by Dior

This Christian Dior powerhouse represented the forbidden fruit, again capitalizing on the sexual liberation that the 1980s encouraged. Another balsamic scent, this popular women’s perfume was the “New Opium” of the fragrance world. With top notes of coriander and wild berries, this dark and mysterious scent has a heart of rose, honey. Cinnamon, and plum. The sultry base notes include cedar, amber, vanilla, and vetiver.

1986 - Obsession by Calvin Klein

A staple in every 80’s household, Obsession is another spicy fragrance for women that features notes of basil, mandarin orange, coriander, jasmine, oakmoss, vanilla, cedar, rose, musk, civet, and incense.

1987 - LouLou by Cacharel

This is a women’s fragrance that people either love or hate - perhaps that is why it was one of the best selling perfumes of the ‘80s. This intoxicating scent is strong and sensual, with top notes of black currant, plum, and anis. The heart of this fragrance lies in ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and orris root. The base notes include slight powdery notes with vanilla, musk, and incense.

1988 - Exclamation for Women by Coty

This fragrances iconic bottle, not surprisingly, looks like a big exclamation point. Coty is a huge beauty products manufacturer whose brands include CoverGirl, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Gucci, Playboy, OPI, and many more. Needless to say, Coty holds its fair share of the fragrance industry and has been releasing perfumes for over 100 years. Exclamation was Coty’s first scent since 1927, though, and it was an instant hit for 80’s youth. Its powdery, sweet scent came as a welcome and accessible fragrance compared to its heady, sensual predecessors with notes of vanilla, apricot, rose, and cinnamon.

1989 - Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

This scent rounded out the 1980s and began the trend towards more elegant perfumes to come in the 1990s. Red Door featured a similar sweet and powdery scent like Exclamation, but was mostly floral, and woody with a base of sandalwood and honey.

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