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How do I sign up for a monthly perfume subscription?

Just head on over to our Subscribe page. Once there, you can choose which subscription package you want. There are three levels:

  • Scent Discovery - 30-day supply of one luxury fragrance per month

  • Scent Addict- 30-day supply of two luxury fragrances per month

  • Scent Obsession- 30-day supply of three luxury fragrances per month

I only like certain scents - how do I know I’ll like what you send me?

Unlike certain subscription beauty boxes where you get a random assortment of products, we want to make sure you love the scents you get - so, simply, you choose what you want. Search through our collection of name-brand perfumes, add your favorite luxury fragrances to your ‘Wish List’, and those are the ones we will send you for your monthly perfume samples.

Are your colognes and perfumes the real deal, or are they knockoffs?

Our fragrances are 100% authentic. If your perfume says “Dolce & Gabanna” Then you are getting Dolce & Gabanna perfume. If you go for a Burberry perfume sample, you are getting Burberry perfume. We never send fake fragrances, guaranteed.

Can I buy full-size colognes and perfumes from you?

Of course! We offer a monthly perfume subscription service, but we also are a full-service online perfume store. If you get a perfume or cologne sample and fall in love, we want you to be able to get a full-sized bottle of your favorite scent. For women’s perfume, head over here. For men’s cologne, click here.